Can you relate?

Do you have savings wasting away in the bank earning less than 3% per annum?

Is your offset account just not making enough of a dent in your mortgage?

Looking to invest at above-market rates to increase your monthly cash-flow?

Can I get a better return on my investment?
% p.a.

You can Earn $ more per year with our

investment term

Armchair Capital enables you to

  1. Break away from low return bank accounts and term deposits
  2. Diversify from property assets and investing
  3. Avoid the unpredictability and vulnerability of share markets
  4. All while enjoying above-market returns on your capital paid monthly direct into your bank account or SMSF.
  • Minimum investment $5,000
  • Regulated Environment
  • Interest Paid Monthly To Your Bank Account
  • Flexible Investment Terms

The Armchair Capital Solution...

Investment Terms Rates
1 Year 8% p.a.
2 Year 12% p.a.
4 Year 14% p.a.

Investing into an Armchair Capital Private Access Fund enables you to fast track your wealth creation by sharing in ongoing business profits without having to find, fund, run or set up a business from scratch.

Investors can enjoy reliable and ongoing fixed above-market returns on their capital through investing in profitable businesses which are strategically selected and acquired based on their strong and reliable history of cash flow and high net profits.

All the hard work is done for you by our team of expert consultants, while you enjoy the cash flow from the comfort of your armchair – imagine profiting from successful businesses without having to do any work at all…

Thank You!

I receive a passive monthly income and a monthly statement of income. Just a satisfied client reaping financial benefits while everyone else does the hard work.

Andrew B - Harrington Park, NSW


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Bob - Solicitor


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Kev - Investor


Experienced team

With over 95 years experience across the finance, property and investing sectors, our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge to optimize your investment success.


Regulated Environment

This investment option has been created in a regulated environment for investors to share in the ongoing profits of successful businesses without have to take on the associated commercial obligations of business ownership.


Affordable Entry Point

We aim to offer above-market return investment options for investors at every stage of their wealth creation with a starting investment of just $5,000


Flexible Terms

Whether you are looking for short or medium term capital investments, the flexible options offered by Armchair Capital ensure a solution for every budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Armchair Capital is an investment strategy created in a regulated environment for investors to share in the ongoing profits of successful businesses without having to take on the associated commercial risk and obligations.
Acquisitions are assessed and approved via an independent bank analysis conducted through business banking credit assessors and projects are funded through a mixture of both bank and private funds.

The investment is based on the key cornerstones:

Buy Well – locating a suitable business, assessing the relevant risks through due diligence and negotiating a purchase price within agreed parameters.

Manage Well – buying where a business is not reliant on the Owner and there is a level of experienced and capable management that have contracted to continue working under independent ownership.

Grow Well – buy where we can see clear and significant ways to expand, make a business more efficient or where we can see synergy savings.

Perform Well – using proven performance management systems involving continual monitoring on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure timely and proactive management of the business’ activities.

Investors can start with as little as $5,000 to access the strong returns and monthly returns that Armchair Capital offer.

Anyone with a goal to earn above-market returns on their capital while still being able to benefit from receiving ongoing monthly cash flow.

An Armchair Capital Investor understands the true value of leveraging from the experience and knowledge of others and is someone who wants their money working harder for them than it necessarily would through more traditional investment options.

Apart from depositing your capital into a bank and being content with the low interest rates they offer, any investment carries with it an inherent level of risk.

Armchair Capital investments are conducted under the structure of an AFSL regulated environment. While no single investment can mitigate every level of risk, there is a significant level of due diligence and transparency of information contained in the official offer document for every investor to assess the suitability of an investment prior to making a commitment.

In all cases, prior to making any investment decisions, you should seek professional advice to ensure that your personal circumstances are taken into consideration and that you are optimizing the efficiency of your financial structure.

Traditional bank Term Deposits only pay a fraction above the official interest rate set by the Reserve Bank. The banks then lend the money you deposit out through their personal and home loan products at a higher rate to make a profit on the money.

Armchair Capital invests in businesses with a strong track record of producing reliable long term profits. The business profits are not restricted to the market interest rates, instead investors receive above-market returns paid monthly by sharing in the profits generated by the portfolio of businesses.

No fees are charged to investors.

As an investor you are able to initially choose the term of their investment. Capital is available at the maturity date.

We offer a simple online application process – to begin Click here.

Why Choose Us?

Armchair Capital is proudly part of the Income2Wealth Group which, under the leadership of founder Paul Wilson, has been trading since 2001 as the We Find Houses Group. As a result of our constantly expanding range of sevices, we have rebranded each of our service offerings to better align with the type of investment options each involves.

Armchair Capital was formed to showcase our short-medium term capital investment options.

  • Your investment is directly managed by a team of highly experienced professionals who have the knowledge and skills to optimise and scale businesses who already have a history of long and sustainable profits.
  • You have the flexibility to nominate your own investment term from a choice of short to medium term options. These terms enable you to maximise the returns on your money so it is working harder for you, while also enabling you to budget and prepare for the return of your capital.
  • Both our funds and compliance plans are fully independently audited on an ongoing basis.

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